Virtual Events Platform

With our digital platform, your attendees can…

  • Network with one another with one-on-one chats or in group chats


  • Participate in different groups and breakout sessions


  • Watch keynote presentations in a plenary setting with Q&A features, participate in live polls and engage live with sponsors

The simplest and fastest way to create professional and engaging events online.

Create a Community                    

Our platform allows you to build a community in your event, all in one place. Attendees are able to join groups of interest, participate in discussions, and create long lasting connections.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Be it a one hundred percent virtual event, or a hybrid – our platform can help facilitate your event and provide novel and interactive experiences, allowing you to reach out to your audience globally.

Customisable for Any Event

Our platform can be shaped and used for various kinds of events – from a 3 month long training session to a 1 day massive conference, nothing is too big or small.

Key Features

Our virtual events platform is an online venue that organisers can customise to their unique requirements – choose from a wide range of templates, or simply let us know what you need!


Customise your registration page with the desired fields of your choice. Create member only spaces.


Fully customise your main landing page and showcase any form of content you like.

Main Stage

Choose to have one main stage or multiple stages to broadcast your pre-recorded content or live stream to your audience.

Breakout Sessions

Schedule as many breakout sessions or rooms as you like for your attendees to collaborate and network.


Attendees can network in various spaces on the platform - be it in the forums, activity feed or through private messages.

Sponsors Area

Sponsors will be able to advertise in various spaces across the platform, or opt to have a microsite embedded in the platform.


Schedule events on your calendar so that attendees know what to expect.

Recording & Analytics

All of attendees interaction on the can be tracked, recorded and analysed for insights of user behaviour and content consumption patterns.

Encryption & Security

To ensure that all data shared through our platform is safe and secure, we use SSL certificates with strong SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption.

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