More than just events, we help create Experiences.

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Chupa has worked with hundreds of companies and event agencies to build, brand and create physical in-person exhibitions since 2009. 

Over the years, with the support and recognition of our clients, we started creating interactive digital experiences for both events and exhibitions.

Some of the notable interactive digital experiences include Yitu Technology office launch, Singtel at MWC, Accenture Innovation Hub launch.

Amidst the shift in recent trends of the event industry and the current pandemic, the importance of digital channels and interactions have been on a rise. 

We envision a future where all events have a digital twin that offers an equally meaningful and effective experience for people to come together and connect with – thereby the beginning of Chupa Digital. 

“Previously, I found it hard to manage the brand experience. With Chupa Digital, I can customise the whole experience from start to finish.”

Regina Lee, Manager of XX, Company XX

Create your virtual experience today

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Virtual Events Platform

Use our platform to host workshops, or a large scale digital conference.

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Event Registration

Create a seamless, fuss-free, customised event registration experience.

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Video Production & Streaming

Create video solutions to deliver your message to your customers effectively.

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Digital Event Marketing

Use the right marketing tools to create your brand experience and convert visitors into customers.

Create meaningful experiences today

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